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9 september 2022 | Céline Brault, Community Manager
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The WeeSeeDo Direct API makes it possible to easily and securely set up a one-way live video connection from within your own software or app. It allows you to see what the client or the patient is seeing, without having to interrupt the phone call. Ideal for doctors and emergency services, but it can also be an excellent solution for call centres, breakdown services and maintenance providers.

Test the WeSeeDo Direct API

How the WeSeeDo Direct API works

The WeSeeDo Direct API allows you to ask the caller if you can have a look for yourself. You send the caller a link via an SMS. As soon as the caller opens the link, a one-way video connection is established. The telephone connection is retained and you get an immediate view of the situation at the scene. You even have the possibility to take photos. This way, you can assess the situation for yourself. 

There’s no need for complicated equipment. As a call centre employee, you do not need a camera. The API also works on an external desktop, in a virtual environment (e.g. Citrix) and a browser environment. The caller only needs a smartphone with a camera and an internet connection (minimum 3G or wifi). The link that the caller receives via SMS can be opened in any standard browser. 

The benefits 

  • Callers do not require a download or installation.

  • Works on all smartphones.

  • Saves travel time and costs.

  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to immediate support.

  • Simple stand-alone integration in your current software or application.

  • Compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.

  • Built with open source WebRTC technology.

Saving lives with WeSeeDo

The operators of the emergency control room for the north of the Netherlands already work with WeSeeDo Direct. They often require visual information when dealing with a 112 call. The addition of live video helps them to provide better help, scale up more quickly and give more targeted support to emergency responders. 

Operators can log in automatically via single sign-on, allowing them to stay in control. Once the live video by the caller is displayed, the operator himself isn’t visible. And even operating the app is easy: dialling a 06-code gives the operator an immediate live video. 

Remote consultation by the medical centre

The medical centre in Oosterhout in the Netherlands has made a deliberate choice for the WeSeeDo Direct API because the video connection is user-friendly and privacy is guaranteed. WeSeeDo Direct enables doctor’s assistants to start a consultation very easily via a secure one-way video connection. Patients can show their symptoms and have them assessed by the doctor’s assistant. The results? Well-targeted advice and no more unnecessary visits to the medical centre. 

“When I saw the live video of the injury, I knew that the doctor had to attend to it immediately.”

Problem-solving without leaving the office

Facility service companies are using the WeSeeDo Direct API to resolve technical problems without leaving their office. Thanks to the video connection, call centre employees can see for themselves what is wrong with a customer’s boiler or modem. This is also the main reason why KPN is using the WeSeeDo Direct API.

About WeSeeDo

The WeSeeDo Direct API was developed by WeSeeDo. Some years ago, this Dutch company in Groningen discovered that there wasn’t any simple and secure video communication tool on the market. Existing tools were often integrated into a proprietary platform and did not work without download, logins or account registrations. It was time for improvement. That’s why WeSeeDo developed the WeSeeDo Direct API.

Want to try it?

No problem. Thanks to the cooperation between KPN and WeSeeDo, you can test the WeSeeDo Direct API for free in a sandbox environment. 

Test the WeSeeDo Direct API