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Fast and reliable two-way text messaging

Inform end users with SMS notifications such as confirmations, updates and alerts

Integrate fast and reliable SMS messaging into your application with the SMS API from KPN. Send updates, confirmations, reminders and other notifications to your customers and employees directly from your application. For instance, you could send proactive service message, send out a promotion, alert an employee and securely log in with 2-factor authentication.

Reach users globally in any language. You can easily integrate it into your own software and use SMS to send timely notifications and to boost conversion. You pay per use only, so no investment is needed.

How it works

Through the SMS REST API you are connected to KPN’s Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol. In this way you don't need to develop and support a protocol yourself. Send SMSes by sending calls to the API. In the API call you can insert your content and set the right settings for your purpose. Your SMS messages are always delivered quickly and reliably via KPN's network. Want to see how it works? Check out our documentation page.

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GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Standard via the KPN Developer Portal


Coverage: Available for telephone numbers globally
Data center location: The Netherlands

SMS API usage

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Start conversations with two-way messaging

With two-way SMS you can start automating customer journeys and/ or integrate SMS as a channel into your customer service.

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Sender IDs & Number Provisioning

Communicate with your customers through a recognizable sender ID, Short Code or pick your own local numbers in the Dashboard. You can define the ID yourself.

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Send bulk SMSes

Send high volumes of SMS messages with a single API request.


Reporting & Analytics

Track and optimize the performance of your messaging traffic in the Dashboard.


Whitelisting & Campaigns

In the Dashboard you can whitelist local Long Numbers and create 10DLC campaigns.


Global reach

Text globally. Send out messages anywhere, anytime.


To mobile numbers in the Netherlands

€ 0,08
per SMS

Other countries

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