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9 march 2022 | Gerry de Graaf, Managing Director at Xdroid
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Want to improve customer contact performance, compliance and boost overall customer experience? With Xdroid’s Speech To Text API, you no longer need to assess your contact center conversations by playing back a small portion of them. This API can analyze 100% of your conversations to provide you with transcripts and actionable insights to improve the customer journey.

Check out the Speech To Text API

Get accurate transcripts and acoustic information

Xdroid’s Speech To Text API service delivers a full set of speech-to-text as well as speech and acoustic characteristics in an automated way. The API can detect call reasons, sentiment and speech styles in a fully automated manner and for multiple languages. The Speech To Text API can be extended to the Voice Analytics front-end. The Voice Analytics software provides detailed insight into all aspects of calls using an advanced programming language that can define KPIs, call categorization, determine agent performance and group performance. The system also allows for integration with CRM, CSAT/NPS and other data. 

How Voice Analytics works

The Voice Analytics software engines perform two types of analysis. On the one hand, the engines provide transcripts of conversations for many different languages and speaker diarisation by assigning each speech segment of the conversation to either the agent or the customer. On the other hand, the engines provide an indication of speech characteristics for every speech segment. An extensively trained, deep neural network classifies speech segments into three main categories (low, medium, high) for characteristics such as speech style (happy, disappointed, displeased, neutral or uncertain), speech rate, volume, pitch, intonation and articulation. 

Combining categorizations with probabilities yields a score for all characteristics on every speech segment and the overall conversation. Those metrics, together with the transcription, are then used by Voice Analytics’ query capabilities to filter out those conversations that need further attention from all 100% of the conversations. The results of those filters are presented in clear and intuitive dashboard with charts that allow contact center managers and quality managers to spot areas of attention. This will enable them to obtain all the relevant detailed data within just a few mouse clicks.

Voice Analytics client case: Groupama

Groupama uses Automated Quality Management to realize significant improvements in contact center operations. Their goals are to:

  • Identify complaint calls

  • Significantly reduce silence time

  • Identify calls with a high risk of churn and also critical calls on time

  • Improve Quality Management efficiency by focusing on pre-selected calls

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by automating  Excel-based manual evaluations

  • Immediately provide online feedback to agents

"Working this way has allowed agents to continue to perform better in calls and further enhance customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal. Quality managers gain time with automated evaluations and have the tools to improve customer satisfaction further. That's what we wanted." - Gábor Pálfi, senior business analyst, Groupama

Gabor continues on the agent acceptance of the solution :

"I think they particularly like the solution because it gives them insight into their performance and it provides them with actionable feedback. Agents love getting results and feedbacks immediately since that helps them to reach better ratings."

About Xdroid

Xdroid is a European solution provider of Voice Analytics software. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of speech technology and contact center operations and with in-house developed language and acoustic engines, Xdroid brings award-winning solutions to the market that are combined with an agile organization to support your needs.

Xdroid wins Frost & Sullivan’s Award

Based on its recent analysis of the European voice and facial analytics market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Xdroid Voice Analytics with the 2020 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award. Xdroid’s portfolio builds upon a powerful language engine, leveraging deep neural networks (DNN) and machine learning algorithms to process highly accurate speech-to-text and keyword recognition that helps operators optimize performance. Xdroid attuned its language engine to potential crosstalk, interference, and contact center agents’ linguistic patterns based on real contact center inputs.

Test for free

Are you curious about the Speech To Text API, but would you like to try it first? Test the API for free in our sandbox environment. The sandbox version covers all basic signing. Through the use of sample data, you can see exactly how the API would function in your application.

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