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Add video calling to your appointments

Personal, easy and safe two-sided WebRTC conversation

The WeSeeDo Personal API enables you to make video calls, easily and safely. Thanks to this API you and your customers can see each other via a 2-way or even 3-way visual connection built on WebRTC technology. WeSeeDo Personal can be combined with physical visits to the office perfectly. Enhance your customer experience whilst simultaneously saving on travel hours, fuel and labor costs. The API can easily be implemented within your existing company processes, without consuming downloads or tricky installations. 

You can integrate the API with OAuth 2.0 stand-alone or within your current planning software and applications. White label is also an option. In addition, the WeSeeDo Personal API offers the possibility to create single sign-on links. It's now also possible to send the invitation via SMS. 

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WeSeeDo Personal

GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: by the KPN Developer Portal


Coverage: Global
Data centre location: the Netherlands
Compatibility: Any device
Authentication: OAuth 2.0
Video connection: 2-way and 3-way


ISO 27001
NEN 7510

How it works in 2 minutes

What our customers say

Product page WeSeeDo Personal API Testimonial Medity Medische Diensten
“Our experiences are very positive, both from doctors and employees. In many cases an online video consultation is sufficient, saving the company doctor and the employee a lot of time. WeSeeDo Personal can be combined with physical consults very well. The result is more efficiency and a more qualitative commitment of the doctors.”
Marleen de Boer
Director – Medity Medical Services

WeSeeDo Personal API usage

Product page WeSeeDo Personal API Why use icon Offer help customers

Offer more help to your customers

Enhance the experience for both your customers and employees by offering them personal and easy online conversations from a distance. You will have no hassle with downloads or installations and you maintain control over your own agenda.

Product page WeSeeDo Personal API Why use icon Faster better service

Faster and better service

The two-sided visual connection enables you to have eye contact at a distance. Therefore, you are able to read non-verbal signs from your customers, which is important for customer well-being and satisfaction.

Product page WeSeeDo Personal API Why use icon Communicating safe way

Communicating in a safe way

The privacy of your customers is always guaranteed with WeSeeDo, so you can communicate safely. WeSeeDo is AVG/GDPR-proof and complies with the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.







Pay as you go
(1 year contract)

(1 year contract)

(cancel per month)

One time set-up fee

€ 25

€ 25

€ 25

Per month

€ 8

€ 15

€ 25

Call fee per minute

€ 0,20




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