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Elevate customer experience with rich social chats

Easily send messages via Vonage Messages

Nexmo is now called Vonage, but there are still references to Nexmo in our URLs, code snippets and message templates.

Vonage's Messages API is a gateway to popular social chat apps such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Viber and SMS. It takes the complexity of hosting and scaling messaging and WhatsApp software off your hands. The API allows you to send notifications, customer service messages and other essential information your customers need on your customer's favorite messaging channel. For instance, leverage the WhatsApp for Business location feature to send them location information and enrich your messages with images, audio, video and files. All without having to worry about the privacy and security of your chats. This way you can focus on elevating your customer's experience.

Enrich your messages with location information, images, audio, video and files. For example, a customer waiting for a delivery can share their current location via WhatsApp, and have it delivered where they need it. If the package arrives damaged, the customer can simply send a photo.

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GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Standard via the KPN Developer Portal


Coverage: Global
Data center location: US & EU
End-to-end encryption: Yes
Scalable infrastructure: Yes
WhatsApp software update service: Yes


ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015 & 27018:2014
ISO 22301:2012 & 31000:2009
SOC 2 & 3 
NIST 800-171

How it works

What our customers say

“The more mobile and digital we become, the more we need to allow our customers to connect with us through the apps that they currently use and enjoy. WhatsApp is an important channel for our customers and Vonage's Messages API enables us to communicate easily with our customers via WhatsApp."
Mohammed Sleeq
Chief Digital Officer - Aramex

Messages API usage

Product page Nexmo WhatsApp business API Why use icon Integrate easily

Integrate easily

Easily integrate the Messages API into your business process without having to manage hosting, scaling and constant software updates. You can also easily integrate the API with other Vonage products.

Product page Nexmo WhatsApp business API Why use icon Secure your chats

Secure your chats

Make customers feel more secure with end-to-end encryption to the mobile device through Vonage's Messages API. The API guarantees the protection of physical infrastructure and facilities.

Product page Nexmo WhatsApp business API Why use icon Optimize delivery rates

Optimize delivery rates

Get higher delivery rates with failover capabilities to SMS and gain detailed real-time messaging results with callbacks, including timestamps, delivery status and error states.


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