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9 september 2022 | Marcel van Orsouw, Account Manager at the KPN Developer Portal
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We heard a lot about how video calling is helping out healthcare organizations to continue their important work in the corona pandemic. With the solutions from WeSeeDo in our store, you can quickly start using video calling in your own digital healthcare environment. Here’s how it works.

Test WeSeeDo Direct API for free

Why use video calling? 

Healthcare providers are trying to avoid physical contact with their patients as much as possible right now. The expectations are that we’ll need to keep doing that for a few months more, or even longer. To continue their important work, many healthcare organizations are currently switching to video calling as a new way to see their patients. 

Fast video calling solutions from WeSeeDo

Most existing video calling solutions aren't compliant with the strict healthcare and privacy regulations. Or they cannot be integrated into your existing digital environment. That is why it is so useful that WeSeeDo has developed special video calling solutions for the healthcare sector.  

In the KPN Developer Portal we offer APIs for 2 different WeSeeDo solutions: WeSeeDo Direct and WeSeeDo Personal. 

  • WeSeeDo Direct API

    With the WeSeeDo Direct API, you can start a one-way video connection with a caller. This way a healthcare provider can ask a patient if they can have a look at their situation, through their smartphone camera. You simply send the caller a link via an SMS. When the caller opens this link, a one-way video connection is established. Since the caller only needs a smartphone with internet and a camera, it’s especially ideal for triage specialists and doctor’s assistants.

  • WeSeeDo Personal API

    With the WeSeeDo Personal API, you can establish a two-sided video connection, which makes it perfect to use for consultations. It can be implemented within your existing company processes and agendas. WeSeeDo Personal requires healthcare providers to send a link to the patient via e-mail. The patient can enter the digital waiting room at the time of their appointment and the doctor can then start the consult. This API offers extra functionalities like a chat functionality, file sharing and special assistant accounts to schedule appointments with. 

Seamless and safe integration 

Both APIs are easy to integrate safely into existing digital healthcare environments, like patient portals. This way, it’s easier for doctors and patients to get familiar with the video calling functionality.

Doctors won’t need to install new software themselves. Developers can just update the existing digital environment to include the API and WeSeeDo will be ready to use. Patients too won’t need to create new accounts or download software, they can just continue to use the portal they already know. 

It’s also possible to link to electronic patient files or pharmacy recipes within the WeSeeDo API. You won’t need to worry about safety, since all the information stays in your own closed environment. The APIs themselves are completely AVG/GDPR proof and comply with the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. 

Get the full online healthcare solution with Pharmeon

What if you don't have an existing digital environment or application yet? For instance, when you don't have the right resources in-house? Then our partner Pharmeon can help you to set up ready-to-use online solutions for your healthcare institution, including WeSeeDo video calling.

We partnered up with Pharmeon (NL) to make healthcare accessible for everyone. Pharmeon is making WeSeeDo available through their own services and products. Together, we also offer support for integrating new functionalities through APIs, like WeSeeDo. 

Experiences and expectations

Since the corona outbreak, together with Pharmeon, we already connected more than 120 healthcare practices to WeSeeDo’s video calling solution. The implementation was done in no-time. Within 1 working day all participating doctors and assistants received an e-mail to make their own account. 

The experiences are positive: Healthcare providers are happy that they can continue their regular consults in a new and safe way. Many doctors declare that their patients are even curious to try it. Most of them expect that they will keep using WeSeeDo Personal in combination with their physical consults in the future, especially since we are probably going to have to live with this new standard of less physical consults. Some also consider using WeeSeeDo Direct for doctor’s assistants to assess the patient’s situation before making an appointment, which will make their practice even more efficient.

Ready to know more? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you'd like to know more about WeSeeDo or Pharmeon. We’d love to help you with a fitting solution for your digital healthcare environment. 

Test for free

Curious about the WeSeeDo Direct API, but would like to try it first? Our cooperation with WeSeeDo makes it possible to test the API for free in our sandbox environment. Thanks to the use of sample data, you can see exactly how the API would function in your own application. By the way, WeSeeDo's other API, the WeSeeDo Personal API, is available for testing now too. 

Test WeSeeDo Direct API for free