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Find out the maximum available upload and download speed for any given address in the Netherlands. Also get insight into the technologies (copper, bonded copper or fiber) that are available for an address.

API specification

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KPN Internet Speed Check Conceptual model

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Getting started

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The API follows the KPN Store API Authentication Standard to secure the API. It includes the use of OAuth 2.0 client_id and client_secret to receive an access token.

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How to...

Retrieve maximum internet speed and carrier type for address

We are going to use this data as example data to call /offer endpoint (with a full path of https://api-prd.kpn.com/network/kpn/internet-speed-check/offer)

Request example
"service_address": { "house_number":3, "zip_code":"3544ZE", "house_number_extension":"" }

Since it's a valid address, the alerts field will not be populated and the response will look like the following:

Response example
{ "available_on_address": { "technologies": [ { "name": "FIBER", "download": 500, "upload": 500, }, { "name": "COPPER", "download": 16, "upload": 2, }, { "name": "COPPER", "download": 12, "upload": 1, }, { "name": "NoAccess", "download": 0, "upload": 0 } ], "house_number_extensions": [], }, "max_bandwidth": { "up": 500, "down": 500 }, "alerts": [], }