With CPaaS, you conquer the hearts of your customers

16 may 2024
In the flood of channels and interactions, it can be quite a challenge to win over the hearts of your customers. And more channels are being added all the time! Do you want to reach and engage your customers – patients, residents, entrepreneurs, consumers – wherever they are? Then you can't do without CPaaS anymore: a platform that assists you with all your online customer interactions. SMS, WhatsApp, telephony, video – you name it. You simply activate the channel you need for your customers.

Practical personal updates about your services, interaction regarding the progress of an order, relevant route information prior to an appointment: your customers highly appreciate such relevant and personalized messages. However, such communication can be time-consuming. Especially if you were to do it all manually. That's why the popularity of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is growing so rapidly now. Not only among (large) companies in retail or finance but also among organizations in healthcare, for example.

A more complete customer profile

With CPaaS, you can set up fully automated communication flows. From personalized offers to practical appointment information: although you send out the interactions automatically, your customers perceive them as very personal. Because you reach them through their preferred channels. And because you inform, reach, and engage them very specifically from an increasingly complete customer profile. Because that's also what CPaaS is: an integral solution, well integrated with your data sources, so you can counteract fragmentation and steadily work towards a more complete customer profile. At least, if you choose a CPaaS that integrates seamlessly with your contact center, CRM, or other customer contact system.

Enthusiastic customers and reduced workload

Such a CPaaS solution is particularly beneficial for your outbound contact. For inbound contact, the integral connection with your contact center is indispensable. Because imagine, one of your customers is triggered by a communication flow – an SMS campaign, for example – and wants to contact a service agent, you want to be able to provide that. With our integrated CPaaS solution, you can do just that. And that not only results in enthusiastic customers but also relieves your employees' workload. CPaaS also offers handy solutions for call deflection, for example. Or for chatbots, which can interact with your customers in natural language thanks to AI.

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Discover how KPN can help your organization move forward with an integrated CPaaS solution and download the eBook 'Perfectly Personalized Every Customer Journey.'

eBook: Perfectly Personalized Every Customer Journey

Discover how KPN can help your organization move forward with an integrated CPaaS solution and downlaod the eBook 'Perfectly Personalized Every Customer Journey'.

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