Keep customers up-to-date with Vonage's SMS API

9 september 2022 | Jeroen Seydel, Partner manager at the Developer Portal
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Would you like to send your customers messages about their order status, or remind them of an appointment? You could notify them with an e‑mail, but e‑mails are often forgotten or even ignored completely. In this case, text messages are a better solution. Did you know that 98% of text messages are opened and 90% is actually read?

Test SMS API for free

There is a good chance that you too rarely ignore a text message. We associate SMS with personal one‑on‑one communication. Or even with important notifications from companies. It’s efficient and stands out among all the WhatsApps and other social media messages. That is why SMS is a fitting solution for communication with your customers.

Updates, reminders and customer service

With SMS communication you can inform customers quickly and securely, with a personal touch. You can instantly provide them with the right information, at the right time.

For example, think of an update about an order that is on its way, or a reminder about that dental appointment tomorrow morning. Text messaging can even offer the right solution at the right place, during local events or regional campaigns.

"98% of text messages are opened and 90% is read. It's the most effective way to update customers"

In addition, your customers can schedule or move appointments via SMS, confirm orders, download your app by clicking a link and more. You can even use SMS as a customer service channel. And with Vonage's (formerly known as Nexmo) SMS API, it is completely secure to do so.

Why you need Vonage's SMS API

Enough reasons to get started with SMS. But how do you approach setting up an SMS service?

Vonage's SMS API saves you a lot of time and effort. It also provides a safe way to implement text messaging with customers within your own app. It ensures that your customers can confirm or reschedule appointments themselves by simply responding to your messages, clicking on a link, or by calling you back.

Do you wish to receive and process SMS securely via an inbound number? That's possible. It’s a fitting solution if you want to invite customers to fill out a survey, or if you want to use SMS as a new channel for your customer service. This way you will optimally benefit from the engagement that text messaging has to offer.

"Vonage's SMS API provides a safe way to implement text message exchange with customers within your own app"

With Vonage’s SMS, you can tailor every message to the recipient during large campaigns, for example with unique voucher codes and product suggestions.

The API also makes it possible for customers to communicate securely within your own application, for example for sharing cars and tools with each other. With two‑step verification, you can easily remove fraudulent registrations and build a trusted community.

How does the API work?

With Vonage's SMS API you can send text messages from your own company ID and you can enable two‑way communication through a virtual number from Vonage. Customers do not need an extra app or login code. In a diagram, it would look like this:

Nexmo SMS Conceptual model

Text messages can be personalized and easily scheduled according to your own business processes. You can also use the API to proactively send updates about delivery times, based on GPS location.

"Customers do not need an extra app or login code"

International SMS communication is not a problem. Vonage's proprietary global compliance engine automatically adheres to forever changing, country specific regulations and individual carrier policies.

Get to know more about the technical possibilities in the documentation of Vonage's SMS API.

Partners in communication

One of the main reasons why we chose to partner up with Vonage is the convenience with which you can implement their SMS API and the way their API makes communication with customers a lot easier.

In addition, Vonage's understanding of, and compliance with, worldwide technical requirements and local laws is a big pro for us and our customers. The chances that you will encounter unpleasant surprises doing business in foreign countries are absolutely minimized.

"Vonage SMS provides convenience and compliance with worldwide technical requirements"

For many existing customers, Vonage has already proven to be a great match. Take this example from the Finnish company Auka:

“Having an agile platform is the key to staying ahead of our competitor's product innovations. Using Vonage's SMS API allows Auka to provide bank-grade systems and services that financial institutions trust and rely on for their business.”

The CEO from TextMagic also calls himself a satisfied customer:

“Compared to other enterprise platforms we reviewed, Vonage is by far the easiest to manage and provides the highest quality communication services. In addition, Vonage’s dashboard is extremely agile and provides easy-to-manage payment capabilities."

Test for free

Curious about Vonage's SMS API, but would like to try it first? Our cooperation with Vonage makes it possible to test the API for free in our sandbox environment. Thanks to the use of sample data, you can see exactly how the API would function in your own application.

Test SMS API for free