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This API allows you to check whether there are any network disturbances for any address in the Netherlands.

API specification

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Conceptual model

KPN Disturbance Check conceptual model

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KPN Disturbance Check API workflow

Getting started

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The API follows the KPN Store API Authentication Standard to secure the API. It includes the use of OAuth 2.0 client_id and client_secret to receive an access token.

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How to...

Check network disturbances for an address


  1. Check disturbance GET /address.
  2. Click Try it out.
  3. Supply zip_code and house_number.
  4. Click Execute.
  5. Check the response code and message.


  1. GET (CheckDisturbance).
  2. Supply zip_code and house_number.
  3. Click Send.
  4. Check the response code and message.

If it's a valid address, the result of the call will look like the following:

Response example
{ "broadband": [], "fixed": [], "mobile": [], "generic": [ { "id": 196, "affected_elements_count": 0, "affected_customers_count": 0, "communicated_customers_sms_count": 0, "communicated_customers_email_count": 0, "type": "generic", "cause": "disturbance", "source": "gui", "service": "I-TV", "state": "open", "start_date": "2017-10-03T15:42:51+02:00", "end_date": "2017-10-03T19:42:51+02:00", "region": null, "description": "Spamfilter does not work", "long_description": "<p>Problem with spam filter</p>", "info": null, "serviceguard_ticket_id": null, "created_at": "2017-10-03T15:43:25.217302+02:00", "communication_type": null, "sms_text": null, "user": null }, { "id": 197, "affected_elements_count": 0, "affected_customers_count": 0, "communicated_customers_sms_count": 0, "communicated_customers_email_count": 0, "type": "generic", "cause": "disturbance", "source": "gui", "service": "Webmail", "state": "open", "start_date": "2017-10-03T15:44:11+02:00", "end_date": "2017-10-03T19:44:11+02:00", "region": null, "description": "Webmail login does not work", "long_description": null, "info": null, "serviceguard_ticket_id": null, "created_at": "2017-10-03T15:44:32.038553+02:00", "communication_type": null, "sms_text": null, "user": null },