We aim to help you innovate

It is our goal to help businesses get ahead in digitalization. Why spend precious time and resources developing software and functionalities that have already been developed before? Exactly. It’s much more effective to reuse ready-made digital building blocks: APIs.

With our Developer Portal we want to help you:

  • Develop new products and services with desirable functionalities

  • Minimize innovation costs and time-to-market for your product

  • Boost your customer satisfaction and workflow efficiency

Developer Portal

We want to help you as a business manager or developer to build the user-friendly and convenient functionalities you and your customers desire. That is why we designed a store with high-quality APIs that are easy to integrate into your applications and services. Our APIs give you access to innovative functionalities for communication, security, identity verification and more. All from a single account.

About KPN API Store Security API icon padded


Including encrypted short URLs, document validation, and secure fax, messaging and e‑mailing. 

About KPN API Store Communication API icon padded


Including SMS, messaging, chatbot, push notifications, voice and video calling, and speech-to-text.

About KPN API Store Identity API icon padded


Including phone number identification and two-factor authentication.

How we collaborate

The way in which we collaborate with partners ranges from offering partner APIs in the KPN Developer Portal tore to creating innovative new API products together. Read our blog to learn more about how we collaborate with specific partners and about the possibilities of our partner’s innovative APIs.