KPN / Mobile Services Management API

Manage your mobile fleet at KPN (SC Smart Bundles)

Order & manage hardware, subscriptions and other aspects of mobile fleet management.

The Mobile Service Management API allows you to manage your corporate fleet of mobile devices and subscription with KPN Mobile. This API consist of a set of tools to order, provision, maintain and configure mobile phones from KPN. These tools allow you a.o. to:

  • order mobile devices and subscriptions for your company,
  • track and trace orders,
  • create and maintain contracts,
  • manage users and addresses,
  • control your finances including invoices,
  • SIM card management including blocking and replacement.


This rich set of functionality being available as an API, provides an excellent opportunity to integrate this into you own corporate application with it's familiar look-'n-feel.
For more insight in which functionality is available, check out the API Reference.

This API is available for clients with a KPN Business Market contract.

Mobile Services KPN

Mobile Services Management API usage

Access to all essential aspects of mobile management

Using awarded KPN mobile network, easily manage your corporate mobile fleet with essential functionalities with this API.

Customizable for different devices

Using APIs enables you to create custom interfaces for different devices. This API allows you to incorporate mobile management within your apps.

Targeted to your audience

Invoicing, device onboarding, user management and much more is handled in this API, allowing you to deliver tailored services to you employees.


This API is only available to KPN Business Market customers. Usage is included in your KPN service contract.

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