KPN / ServiceNow Incident API

Submit and track incident tickets in ServiceNow

Easily report problems regarding KPN services

KPN uses ServiceNow as a customer support tool for KPN business customers. With this tool, you can report and track incidents regarding your KPN services. As a KPN business market customer, you can connect to the ServiceNow Incident API to log and update incident tickets, and to query the status of open tickets more easily. This way, you don't need to use the self-service portal of KPN or contact the Service Desk by phone, chat or e-mail anymore.

How it works

The ServiceNow Incident API allows you to report a new incident, update an open incident ticket or reopen an incident ticket which has been reported as ‘resolved’ by KPN.

You can also retrieve the details of a specific incident ticket and a list of open/active incident tickets reported by the requester with the API.

ServiceNow Incident API usage

Save time

By submitting incident tickets via the ServiceNow Incident API you don't need to call the KPN Service Desk or manually enter tickets in the KPN self-service portal anymore.

Better insights

The ServiceNow Incident API allows you to get up-to-date insights into your incident tickets and enables you to present this information on any dashboard you want.

Integrate into your workflow

Integrate the ServiceNow Incident API seamlessly into your business processes, incident management workflows and ticketing systems.


The ServiceNow Incident API is only available to KPN business market customers. Usage is included in your KPN service contract.

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