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All your customer contacts answered and resolved, all the time.

On the phone, in chat, email and in your app. 24/7, in any language.

Scotty is the intelligent virtual voice agent that resolves all your customer contacts automatically on the phone, in chat, email and in your app.

Enhance customer experiences
All customer contacts answered and handled all the time, 24/7, in any channel and language.

Lower your cost and take away risk
Scotty comes as a pay-per-use managed service with no upfront investments, license fees, professional services or any other additional cost, so you can focus on your business and customers, pay only when Scotty serves your customers and we take care of all the technology to make Scotty service your customers.

Scotty will give you the fastest time to market, optimized for quality, scale and cost.

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GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Standard via the KPN Developer Portal


Coverage: Global
Data center locations: Netherlands
Multi-language: Yes
Omni-channel: Yes
Conversational IVR: Yes
Managed service: Yes

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How it works in 1 minute

Scotty API usage

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All your customer contacts resolved

Automates customer contact phone calls (in- and outbound from start to finish), chats and emails at scale and 24/7.

Scotty usage 02

Designed to resolve tasks end-to-end

Bridging Human and Digital touch customer experiences.

Scotty usage 03

Insights about customers

Scotty provides real-time insights for understanding of what customers want and need boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Scotty benefits 04

Is done for you

Managed Service and Pay-per use model with NO upfront investments.

Scotty benefits 05

True Omni-channel

One platform for voice and text, in a myriad of channels, 24/7, in ANY language.

Scotty benefits 06

Secure and compliant

Role-based access control and data is encrypted in flight.


"No Upfront Investment and Pay Only Per Use"

Scotty Technologies delivers and manages Scotty for you. No upfront investments, No license, design or implementation fees. All design and implementation including all technical challenges solved for you. You can focus on your business and are able to leverage Conversational AI against the highest and fastest possible value and time to market.

Only pay per successfully handled customer contact.



Managed Full Service.


Any language.


(Phone) calls, voice assistants, SMS, WhatsApp, email, in app voice and chat, Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat.


+200 available and build your own.

Back office


Agent desks

Genesys, Zendesk, ClearInteract, LivePerson, Avaya, Anywhere365.


Dashboards with Conversational Performance Indicators defined with you.

Monitoring & delivery

Done for you.

Security & scalability

Managed platform as a service, rule-based access control, data encrypted in transit, no multi-tenancy & fully horizontally scalable.



In/outbound phone call

SMS, chat and e-mail

Conversational IVR


€ 1,00

€ 0,25

€ 0,15

* Per successful handled contact.
* All prices are excl. VAT.

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