Never miss a disruption at your address

Easily retrieve real-time information of any planned network maintenance or unplanned network disruptions with this free API. All you need to do is enter your postal code, house number and a house number extension to get the details of a disturbance. Simple and reliable!

This API helps you to...

Inform customers of maintenances in advance

Enhance your customer satisfaction by informing them about a planned maintenance in advance.

Reduce calls to your customer care

If you are using KPN’s network, you can inform customers about a network disturbance and in turn reduce the calls to your customer care.

Provide insights to your customers

Help your customers understand the background of the disturbance whether it is planned maintenance or an incident.

How it works

The Disturbance Check API connects you to KPN's network information. This gives you access to all planned maintenances and unplanned network disturbances of the KPN network for any entered address in the Netherlands.  

The API needs little input: postcode, house number and, if applicable, house number extension. If the address is not known by the back-end or is somehow incorrect or incomplete, this API will respond with an alert that allows you to review and correct your input.



Reliable and real-time

The information is real-time and comes directly from our network back-ends.

Detailed information

Get a detailed description of any disturbance, including region and status information.

Simple input

Retrieve network information with just a postal code and a house number.

What it costs

This API is FREE, based on fair use. 

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