KPN / LoRa Device Management API

Manage your LoRa subscription plans

Easy provisioning of KPN LoRa devices and subscriptions

LoRa stands for Long Range, Low Power. This Internet of Things connection technology has been specially developed to exchange small amounts of data between objects and systems. A single LoRa device can send more than 10 years’ worth of data using just 2 batteries. This provides an economical way to gain insights into the status of your ‘things’. The possibilities of LoRa are endless. Increase your efficiency or detect maintenance issues occurring in your ‘things’ ahead of time to prevent any incidents – all thanks to the data collected. With the LoRa Device Management API, you can easily activate and deactivate your LoRa devices and manage their configuration.

How it works in 2 minutes

LoRa Device Management API usage

Save costs

Using the API to only keep the LoRa device active when you need it, you only pay for what you use. And with the low complexity of a LoRa module, those costs are kept to a minimum.

Integrate in your workflow

Thanks to the LoRa Device Management API you can integrate your business processes and customer journeys seamlessly.

Get quick insights

Get insight into the status of your devices, device profiles, and connectivity plans. The use of tracking sensors allows you to even check your routing profiles.


Use of the LoRa Device Management API is included in your KPN LoRa contract.

Don't have a KPN LoRa contract yet? Check the LoRa-connectivity page for more information. 

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