KPN / SD-LAN SD-WAN Network View API

Obtain full insight into your network

Get network settings, status updates and events

Software-Defined Networking by KPN is ideal for organizations that want flexible, secure and reliable network connectivity within and between their offices. With the SD-LAN SD-WAN Network View API, KPN offers capabilities to retrieve network configuration information for Secure Networking services based on Cisco Meraki equipment.

SD-LAN SD-WAN Network View API usage

Get quick insights

Get insight into the configuration of your networks and devices, such as switches, cameras, VLANs, wifi networks and more.

Keep up to date

Stay informed on the status of your network by retrieving network, client and security events.

Integrate in your workflow

Thanks to the SD-LAN SD-WAN Network View API, you can integrate network monitoring functionality into your business processes seamlessly.


Do you already have a KPN Software Defined Networking contract for use of Cisco Meraki based products? Then contact us below if you want to know more about this API.

Don't have a KPN Software Defined Networking contract yet? Check the Software Defined Networking page for more information. 

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