Polly.help / Knowledge Management API

Answer questions better with knowledge management

Higher customer satisfaction, lower service costs

Find relevant support information quickly and answer customer questions effectively with Polly.help's knowledge management system. It allows you to organize you business information in a user-friendly knowledge database with advanced filtering options, rich media and actionable analytics. Your service agents can find the right answer to customer questions in a quick and intuitive way, reducing service costs and improving customer satisfaction. The Knowledge Management API integrates into your website with just 2 lines of code!

How it works in 2 minutes


The API allows your service agents to answer customer questions better, improving first contact resolution, and reducing contact centre volume and contacts per order. The platform supports multiple languages and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to quickly find the most relevant information across a variety of sources.

It also supports the use of rich media, dynamic updates and collaborative authoring of articles. Built-in feedback loops allow service agents to rate article information, suggest improvements and ensure that articles are accurate, relevant and up to date.

What our customers say

"We realized that when a new system went in, there would be a 'shakedown' period while our people were getting used to it. But we were amazed at how quickly agent satisfaction went up. Literally in 1 day, we saw a 10% improvement based on a simple content like-for-like exchange."
Manager Customer Services – BCC Netherlands
"It is our goal to be the leading service provider and to achieve this we need to differentiate ourselves by also being the leaders in customer service. In keeping with this goal, we will continue to work with Polly to provide innovative knowledge management solutions and further improve customer experience."
Manager Customer Services – DPD Netherlands

Knowledge Management API usage

Collaborate on articles

Use collaborative authoring features to keep knowledge database content up to date, accurate and relevant.

Answer questions better

Get the most relevant information to your customer or employee quickly with the help of advanced search options.

Identify knowledge gaps

Use a rich set of reports and analytics to identify knowledge gaps, opportunities and contributions.


Product Price per month*
Polly Knowledge Management platform € 350
Bundle of articles (100), unlimited sessions € 100
Concurrent internal users (bundles of 5) € 82,50
Named internal users (bundles of 5) € 62,50
Storage, 20 GB (minimum at start) € 100
Extra storage, 5 GB € 25
Own domain, 1st € 100
Own domain, 2nd and up € 25

Note: Prices are fixed, not dependent on the number of sessions.

* Pricing for larger volumes (enterprise) on request.


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