Xdroid / Speech To Text API

Improve contact center performance with speech to text

Optimize compliance, customer experience and performance

The Xdroid Speech To Text API enables digital transformation in contact centers through voice and text solutions, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. By processing 100% of customer interactions, the API automatically provides objective, consistent and valuable insights about each conversation. The emotion analysis, keyword detection and semantic capabilities provide opportunities to improve customer experience, agent retention, productivity and compliance.

How it works in 1 minute

What our customers say

"Working this way has allowed agents to continue to perform better in calls and further enhance customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal. Quality managers gain time with automated evaluations and have the tools to improve customer satisfaction further. That's what we wanted."
Gábor Pálfi
Senior Business Analyst - Groupama
"We are now fully conscious of the strength of voice analytics and are the knowledge leader in the adaptation of speech analytics software at Aegon globally. We continue to work together with Xdroid on new capabilities and we are looking forward to the real-time coaching that Xdroid is currently developing."
Beáta Steigerwald
Quality and Traffic Control Manager - AEGON Hungary
"Advanced voice analytics from Xdroid helped our customer identify and remedy potential PCI compliance breach."
Steve Watts
Group Sales Director - Avoira

Speech To Text API usage

Improve customer contact

Capture, analyze and recommend actions at every level of the organization by monitoring 100% of your calls.

Optimize customer experience

Follow your customer’s journey and detect how to improve your First Call Resolution. Identify the top reasons for escalations so you can take the appropriate measures in a focused and targeted way.

Improve compliance

Use the API to scan all your call recordings for specific compliance-related words and phrases, and identify where PCI related information hasn't been suppressed correctly and may cause a potential compliance breach.



Pay as you go Advertised retail price*

Speech to text1) 2)

(based on audio)

€ 2 / hour
Processing time3) 24 h

* Enterprise pricing on request.

Supported languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French (other languages on request).

Minimum = 50 h per month.

Faster processing time on request.


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