Effectively target customers on SMS, MMS and social chats

Go beyond SMS text messaging and MMS without overhauling your messaging infrastructure. Use Vonage's Dispatch API to customize your messaging logic to target your customer on the channel they use the most. With the built-in failover logic, your message gets redirected to another channel such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber Service Messages when it is not read. Receive immediate insights to learn what’s relevant to your customer.

Nexmo is now called Vonage, but there are still references to Nexmo in our URLs, code snippets and message templates.

This API helps you to...

Send richer messages

Leverage all the rich content types of social chat apps, including images and video, to provide customers with captivating and engaging messaging formats.

Expand your message delivery strategy 

Quickly expand beyond SMS text messages to leverage the most cost-effective channel with built-in delivery failovers to MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber Service Messages.

Access immediate insights and adapt

Know where your customers are and when to send messages. Focus your efforts with real-time messaging analytics that reveal delivery status, cost, timestamps and more.

How it works

Together with the channel-expanding Messages API, use the Dispatch API to implement comprehensive failover solutions across SMS, MMS and the social chat apps WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber Service Messages. Create DIY flows with a single API call and access immediate insights on delivery status, from undelivered to unread and more.


Ensure delivery of messages with automatic rerouting

Ensure message receipt with automatic fallback to another channel if your message is not read or delivered.

One API call

This API is effortlessly set up with a single API call.

In-depth results

Easy access to immediate results for the total price and outcome of sent messages.

What it costs

Per request for all countries. All prices may be subject to change at any time.
€ 0,003

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