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Build voice interactions in your favorite programming language

Low cost and easy to scale up

Build unique voice interactions

Nothing rivals the immediacy of voice communication for businesses. The Apidaze Voice API combines telephone numbers in 80 countries with effective voice features, for a quick and cost-effective integration of voice communication into your applications and workflows.

How it works

The Apidaze Voice API allows you to create or add voice features, such as voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), voice recording and call tracking to your applications.

No knowledge of complex telephone systems is required. No carrier engagement and no hidden costs. You can integrate in your favorite programming language. You just need a web server.

Operate the service with local numbers available for more than 8000 cities in 80 countries. These services leverage established wholesale carrier relationships to reduce operating costs as you scale. 

This API helps you to...

Record your calls

Receive and record inbound calls, while transcribing to the cloud.

Measure call responses

Create unique numbers that track campaign responses, measure performance and calculate which marketing initiatives drive your revenue.

Call from your application

Build voice into your mobile app to enable outbound calling for customer service representatives in the field.


Interactive call response

Enables interactive voice responses (IVR) and voicemail for your telephone communications.

Many programming languages

Integratable with a wide range of programming languages, including Ruby, PHP, cURL, Node.js, Python, and jQuery.

Easily scalable

Start small and scale big with flexible pricing and cloud infrastructure.

What it costs

Pricing information is coming soon. Please contact us below for a quote.

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